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Coming soon to Kickstarter is our brand new Bicycle Cardistry Black/White Convertible deck! This is the same amazing Bicycle Cardistry deck you have come to love with the now legendary WTF Cardistry back design! The faces are made to make white fans from left to right, and black fans in reverse. They are mirror backs so you may shuffle them normally without messing up the fans. The famous faceless courts are beautiful with black, red and grey depending on suit. If you own WTF Cardistry, this is the PERFECT companion! You can place the words you want to spell within the deck as a reveal and because the back design in the same, it's relatively simple to keep them hidden until the correct time. If you have WTF Cardistry and wished that you could mix the cards normally, then this deck is also for you! We expect this deck to be on Kickstarter in the next 2 weeks. Do not miss!

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