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3-Time Guinness World Record Holder Rick Smith Jr. was on the Youtube Sensation "Dude Perfect" doing Card Throwing Trick Shots and chose to use De'vo's Chrome Kings for many of the tricks. We were honored that Rick chose Chrome Kings for this epic episode! De'vo got to pick Rick up from the Airport and drive down to the Dude Perfect Stadium, meet the fellas and deliver his amazing playing cards for the shoot. This video has gone crazy VIRAL! 15+ Million Views, over 26,000 comments as of just 4 days after release making it the highest viewed card video of all time! Rick has used De'vo's playing cards in other shows such as Stan Lees Super Humans. We also just found out that Rick and De'vo are in the same Guinness Book of World Records (2007) just 6 pages from each other. De'vo on page 91(Coin Rolling) and Rick on 97(Card Throwing). Rick has a small batch of Chrome Kings Players Edition if you want to get some - as De'vo is personally all sold out of the cards. Go here to grab some while you can!

Here's Rick Explaining the different cards he used for the video.

Here's Rick on Fox Channel 8 News Talking Dude Perfect and Chrome Kings

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