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Thank you to all of our friends that backed De'vo's very first project as an artist!

Chrome Kings Playing Cards

From De'vo -

Our Chrome Kings Kickstarter is now complete! We ended at 407 Backers with $25,551 pledged! I can't thank everyone enough! I am so filled with joy! Now to focus on delivering you your goodies and making additional content like game instructions and high quality photos!

UPDATE - The Players Edition are printed and look amazing! As do the coins and dice! The Artist Editions are printing and should be done soon. As soon as they arrive, I will get everything shipped out as soon as possible. My goal is to always exceed expectations and deliver early! There is a possibility that we went over the 300 Limited Edition King of Clubs Coin, and if we did, I will order a new coin with a different character on the backside, also limited and numbered that will fill the remainder of the orders. Those will take an extra couple of weeks, but should still be delivered by the August date we had listed.

In the meantime, I will continue to work on the Chrome Kings Battle Video instructions which are 70% finished and get it posted up. I will also do some high quality photos of the Coin, Dice, and Players Edition for you all as well.

This has been the joy of my life, creating art and seeing people enjoy what I do! Because of the success of this project, you will be seeing more art from me. Thanks again everyone! I look forward to getting out these cards, coins and dice to you! All my best, De'vo

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