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With the Chrome Kings launch on 15 April 2017, there will be a "Bonus Pack" that will include a Limited Edition and numbered coin (limited to 300 total) and a Limited Edition Chrome Kings dice along with instructions on how to play the "Chrome Kings Battle" game. This is an awesome edition to the Chrome Kings set and a must for all collectors!

UPDATE - De'vo is hard at work on the Kickstarter video - clips can be seen on his Facebook and Instagram. This video will be done early this week, and still renderings will continue to commence in preparation for the 15 April Launch on Saturday.

The USPC has all of the artwork and everything has been approved and in the works! The Dice and Coin have also been approved and are in the works as well. All of the hard work has paid off and Chrome Kings looks incredible! Make sure to back this project on Kickstarter next Saturday!

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