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WATCH De'vo's Chrome Kings on Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Card Throwing Trick Shots with Rick Smith Jr.Featuring De'vo's Chrome Kings

We were honored to have Guinness World Record Holder Rick Smith Jr. throw Chrome Kings Players Edition for this epic video!

De'vo's Blog


Updates on De'vo's art projects

1 Jan 2018

All Hearts are now complete!  Check out this awesome image!  These cards are unbelievable! De'vo will start working on the Clubs next!

26 Dec 2017

De'vo's very first deck of playing cards where he did all the artwork was his no infamous "Chrome Kings" deck which has over 47 MILLION views on youtube!  This was all created in complete 3D!  De'vo has now started work on his very first 2D deck of cards called "Lords...

28 Nov 2017

Watch this AMAZING MAGIC TRICK and LEARN how to do it now!  It's built in to De'vo's Chrome Kings RED Players Edition.

23 Oct 2017


It was funded in just minutes! Go now to pledge for this incredible deck!  It's also the perfect companion to our insane WTF Cardistry deck as it shares the same back design!...

11 Oct 2017

Coming soon to Kickstarter is our brand new Bicycle Cardistry Black/White Convertible deck!  This is the same amazing Bicycle Cardistry deck you have come to love with the now legendary WTF Cardistry back design!  The faces are made to make white fans from left to righ...

10 Sep 2017

De'vo is custom hand crafting T-shirts using exotic materials such as flock and holographics.  They are simply AMAZING!  Here's a few he has made.  He is offering some of them for purchase including an option on the WTF Kickstarter.  

10 Sep 2017

WTF CARDISTRY is up on Kickstarter NOW for just another week.  It was funded in just minutes and is now over 1000% funded!  It's REVOLUTIONARY design allow it to look like a black deck, a white deck, and you can spell almost any word!  WTF? you say? Go now and check ou...

8 Aug 2017


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