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De'vo vom Schattenreich is a world renowned playing card and manipulation expert.  De'vo was in the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records, produced 10 instructional DVDs, published 2 books, and wrote for many different magazines. De'vo is technically not a magician but a masterful manipulator of objects. He does not perform "magic" but actual feats of skill.  Some have called De'vo the "Anti-Magician". De'vo has also produced the world's first comic series printed on playing cards ironically entitled "Magicians Must Die" which appeared in a MTV interview/multiple Comic Cons, as well as on the cover of a comic magazine, and produced 52 decks of the world's finest playing cards.  De'vo's playing cards have won numerous awards including accolades from celebrities such as J.J. Abrams, Akon and many others.  De'vo was the main entertainer at the American Embassy in Brussels Belgium and has performed for presidents, VIPS and countless celebrities.  De'vo helped pioneers in other manipulation arts such as penspinning and cupstacking, helping to gain over 50 million online views and by giving awards to the children at the world cupstacking championships.  De'vo also has and continues to support children in hospital/school programs by donating thousands of dollars in playing cards and products. De'vo has appeared in many television commercials for large international corporations such as Nokia, EA Sports, and many others.  De'vo has consulted for film and television specials and has won awards at film festivals.  De'vo has directed, produced, filmed and edited countless projects.  In 2014, De'vo received Emmy Recognition for Cinematography and Lighting for a documentary and several other awards for his video/film production.  De'vo has a bachelors degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, completing the 4 year degree in just 3 years, graduating summa cum laude, and winning the par excellence award as best in his field.  De'vo is also an NRA firearms instructor(handgun/rifle/home firearms safety), Glock Armorer, expert marksman, former swat team member sniper/special tactics, graduated many tactical/combat/leadership/and special combat schools with honors, custom gun builder, licensed/bonded private investigator/criminal defense investigator, drone pilot, published model photographer (including Fashion Affair Magazine), graphic designer/illustrator, blackjack dealer, award winning snowboarder(slalom racing), musician and martial artist.  

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